Target Home Sale Roudup

If you're like me you visit Target on a weekly basis. Sometimes more than once. You go there for one thing and end up perusing the Home Decor section and falling in love with everything you see. Am I right? Well... I've got good news for you! Target is having a 25% off home sale online with an additional 15% off on selected items with the promo code: HOME

I've been on a styling spree at work and I can tell you a lot of the pieces I've linked below resemble some of the very high end, one of a kind pieces I use on a regular basis. Styling even a single shelf can be challenging. My suggestion is to start with one piece you really love and go from there. Have you been eyeing something on your weekly Target run? Now is the time to grab it!

I've linked my top picks below and you can shop each item by clicking directly on the picture. This sale is online only but you can always pick up at your local Target store for free.

As always I really appreciate you shopping my affiliated links and feel free to reach out to me with questions or suggestions on things you would like for me to share.

I'll continue to link things throughout the day. Sale ends today so don't wait to shop. Happy weekend!

Throw Pillows

Wall Decor

Faux Plants & Home Decor

Candles & Diffusers

Baskets & Storage


Pool House Mini Styling Session - Before and After Pictures

Pool house: Before Picture
About a year ago now my husband sent me pictures of this space that is part of a community that he manages. He wanted my opinion on the window treatments he had just had installed in the pool house. I gave him my honest opinion about the window treatments but never stopped thinking about that big empty space with so much potential. The community surrounding the pool house is really beautiful and the views from the pool area are breathtaking. I thought endlessly about how I could bring that feel into the pool house.

Fast forward to last month and the H.O.A. asked that I revamp a corner of the pool house as an effort to slowly remodel the entire space. I had been thinking about this space for an entire year guys! It's funny how things work out.

I began working on the design concept for this space by creating a mood board (pictured below). That is usually the first step in my design process in an effort to visualize the space and clearly communicate my design with a client.

The walls of the pool house are yellow and ALL the existing furniture is brown. Brown leather, brown wicker, brown faux plants. You name it and it's brown...and yellow. I had to keep some of the existing furniture so my goal was to modernize the space and bring in lighter colors to soften all the brown in the room.

Presentation Board

The first thing I sourced was the blue indoor/outdoor rug with a casual feel. The rug is really beautiful   in person and great for a pool house setting.  Initially I wanted to add a plain sisal rug but I didn't want to add another tone of brown to the room so I went for blue. I love the texture that this area rug adds to this space. I've linked similar rugs below.

Although I had to keep the existing chairs I was able budget for a new end table, table lamp, throw pillows for the chairs, a 6 foot faux fiddle leaf tree and basket for the tree. My budget wasn't large and I had a lot of things I had to make work together but I'm pretty happy with the end result.

If you have a space you're not happy with I hope my before and after pictures inspire you to make even the smallest changes because those small changes can go a really long way. I hope to be able to finish this room and share the process with you.

I've linked similar accessories below that you can shop directly by clicking on each picture. If you have any questions please feel free to always reach out to me!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy shopping!

Pool House: Seating area with new accessories








LOFT always gets me with their sales because they include EVERYTHING in them. New arrivals and some of their brands that rarely go on sale are on sale today at 40% off. Use Code: HOORAY at checkout for the discount plus free shipping!

As you might have seen on my Instagram I just added the jeans and top below to my wardrobe and I am in love with both pieces. The top is perfect for spring and the jeans feel like butter on. I highly highly highly recommend Loft's denim.

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for stopping by Life By Meli. Have a wonderful day!

Each image below is linked so you can easily shop everything:


Amazon Infant & Toddler Must-Haves

I've always loved Amazon but, being a busy mom of three makes me NEED Amazon. I've ordered hundreds of items on Amazon (I am not even going to lie) and some things have just been BLAH and some have saved my sanity. Below I am sharing the most useful infant and toddler things that I've ordered or continue to order on Amazon. If you have additional questions about any of the items please feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to answer any questions.


Active Cups - these are really great for transitioning from bottle to cup, are easy to travel with and are slender enough to fit into bottle pockets in diaper bags.

Bandana Drool Bibs - these bibs were the only ones Reed would let me put on him. They come in a ton of patterns and look so cute on.

Portable High-Chair - can't even begin to tell you how great this chair is! We put this chair on our baby registry with our annual family camping trip in mind but we ended up keeping it in the trunk of my car and used it to feed the baby wherever we went.

Vitamin D - I didn't know that breastfed babies needed a vitamin D supplement until I started breastfeeding Reed. This is when Amazon and their prime 2-day shipping is priceless! Reed never minded the taste of this specific supplement.

Fun Pack Utensils - these are colorful and just the right size for baby's little hands.

Head Shaper - this pillow helps prevent flat head syndrome by equally distributing pressure to all the right places of the head when the baby is laying down.

Walker - This walker is super cute and inexpensive!

Playpen Mattress - First time moms you might not know this but the "mattress" that usually comes in the playpen is pretty hard and you will end up trying to cushion it with blankets and other things that might be dangerous for a sleeping baby. This mattress adds just the right cushioning without being too soft, fits in most playpens perfectly and is plastic making it super easy to clean.
I've linked a fitted sheet that fits this mattress here.


Ride-In Wagon - oh how we love our wagon! My mom gifted Reed this wagon for his birthday but I ordered it for her on Amazon. We take that thing everywhere. I like this specific model the most because it has nice back rests. I just noticed the price dropped on it too. What a deal!

USA Placemat - if you've been following me for a while you've seen the video of Ryder and his "stapes". He loves this thing and has memorized almost all 50 states now at age 3! Now if only I could get him to say STATES.

Puzzle Rack - I thank my lucky stars for this everyday because it keeps our big wooden puzzles in one place neatly stacked. My kids love stacking their puzzles in this thing but won't put their shoes away to save their lives. I don't get it!

Picnic Mat - this is the coolest picnic and beach mat. It's easy to fold, easy to clean and the sand does not get through it. I keep it in the back of my car and we use it all of the time.

Nose Frida - everything about this thing is disgusting LOL! I am sorry but it is. However, it works like magic. No other nose aspirator works as well and is as easy to clean as this little contraption is. I'll let you click on the link and read the product description for more information on it.

Potty Training Book - this is a very easy read and if you follow it closely you will have all the right tips to potty train your child. I was having a very hard time potty training Ryder and this book saved us IN. THREE. DAYS.

Potty Training Watch - I have to be honest with you. I bought this watch for Ryder right after he turned 2 and it was way too soon for him to potty train at that point. The watch just like my endless reminders to use the potty were pointless but, if I had given him the watch when he was 2.5 or 3 it would have really helped with reminders to use the potty before having accidents so I do recommend it if you think your toddler will pay attention to it.

That's all I have for now but check back soon for my Amazon Spring Fashion round-up!