Baby Milestones & The Pressure To Meet Them w/ UPDATE

I am dreading Reed's 9 month check up tomorrow because he doesn't stand or crawl yet. Isn't that insane? He's 9 months old! Our pediatrician might say he is perfect but I am going in with the notion that he is behind on things. Ryan didn't crawl until after he walked and he didn't walk until he was 14 months. He didn't even walk, he got up and ran one day and that was that. He is now 12 super athletic, so smart, so handsome and just perfection in my eyes. Ryder always hit every milestone "on time" but potty training has been a struggle. Is that even a milestone? (Insert major eye roll here) I know all of this and yet I am worried.

The pressure we face as mothers and parents just doesn't seem fair. We already face so many other challenges in today's society why do our children have to develop at the same rate as everyone else's?   I know that we as humans hit development milestones around the same time but no two babies are the same. Reed isn't moving around much but you should hear him baby talking. He is 9 months and his word count is nine. That says something doesn't it? If he doesn't like something he objects and he imitates us constantly. All those are milestones he has met but I know tomorrow the focus will be on the ones he hasn't. So here I am typing out all the milestones he has met as to prove a point to someone. The pressure!! We have gone through so much with Reed already I don't want to hear that he is "behind". What if he isn't the fastest runner in his class or doesn't walk for months to come. Should I sit here and worry everyday when everything else is perfect? I know he doesn't need physical therapy but it's going to come up. I'm dreading this appointment guys!

I've had family members suggest that he be in his walker more when they don't even know what his day to day is like.  We exercise his little muscles daily but I am too tired to defend that point to anyone. I try to brush family members off because they aren't professionals but then my pediatrician says things and I just can't help but be annoyed by the pressure. It feels like its pressure to worry for no reason. Like in the hospital when you give birth and it's either you breastfeed or you're some kind of evil mom who doesn't want what's best for your baby. It's just not right. I always tell my fellow moms not to worry so much because EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT and look at me now.

That was a really long rant you just read LOL! Thanks for making it this far. I just want other parents reading this to know you aren't alone. We all worry, our babies are all different and in the end it all works out. I kind of just talked myself off a ledge didn't I? Anyway, I'll post an appointment update tomorrow. Have a goodnight everyone!


Our pediatrician is on vacation, unbeknownst to us, so we ended up seeing another pediatrician who I actually really liked. Reed is 21.5 lbs and 28" of perfection! This pediatrician thinks he looks great and is not at all concerned about crawling. The standing however might be of concern. Reed will support his weight for just a few seconds and I guess subconsciously that's really what I was worried about. He pushes himself around in the walker so there really should not be an issue but we made an appointment to check him again in one month. This parenting thing is no joke.
Anywhoo! I'll stop worrying... for now! Happy Friday and happy weekend!!

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