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You're on cloud 9 because you're engaged and now it's time to plan your wedding. You've always wanted a destination wedding, but now you have to actually think about what goes into planning that. The entire time I was planning my wedding I wished I had just one person I knew that had already had a destination wedding and could help me through the entire process. Not a wedding planner but someone I personally knew that would be honest with me and give me their advice as a bride. Well, now I am here to be that for YOU! If you are planning a destination wedding, a wedding but in the back of your mind you keep picturing a destination wedding or you know someone planning a destination wedding then keep reading because this is for you.

The first thing I would advise you do is make a pros and cons list of having a destination wedding to double check that you really want to go that route. If you really want a destination wedding nothing is going to stop you from having that but being prepared for the things you have on your cons list will really help out in the long run. Following is a list I put together of my pros and cons now looking back in hindsight. I am going to list as many crucial things as I can think of but please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

1. Beautiful location for a wedding. - Duh right? This is why you're choosing a destination wedding to begin with. It will be all you dreamt of and more. I will never forget the sound of the ocean as we said our I do's.
2. Intimacy - A destination wedding usually means a smaller guest list creating a very intimate event. This was ideal for us because all we wanted to do was celebrate our love with those closest to us. We ended up having 50 guests and it was perfect.
3. Our wedding felt like a week long vacation trip not just a one-day event. - Although we only had a rehearsal dinner and the wedding it felt as though our wedding was a week long vacation focused on us getting married. It was really special.
4. People who attend your wedding really want to be there. - Let's be real! It takes a lot of effort on your guest's part to attend your wedding if it is out of town. Your guests will end up being a special bunch that you will create memories with that will last a lifetime.
5. Unique - Your wedding will be unique and who doesn't want this? I know every wedding is different but I am sure our Cabo wedding and the vacation our guests had will forever stand out in their memory.
6. Having a special place to travel back to for anniversaries. - We are coming up on our four year anniversary this month and we still have not been back but I honestly cannot wait. I look forward to visiting Cabo again alone with my husband but also with our kids so they can see where we got married.
7. Wedding Theme - The location of my wedding made it really easy for me to pick the decor and wedding colors.

I honestly have a million more pros to list but then this post will go on forever and I want to give you an even pros and cons list of important things to think about.

1. Weather - Not living in the location where you are getting married can make weather a challenge because you really don't know what to expect. Not that anyone has control over weather but I definitely would have pushed my ceremony time back a couple of hours to avoid the heat. My guests were literally melting so we tried to make it quick. It's funny now but it was unbearable at the time and I kept apologizing to everyone for the heat. LOL!
2. Having sick or elderly family members or friends who can't travel. - This is a touchy subject and very personal. I had to remind myself that although my family means the world to me it was my wedding and a destination wedding is something I had always dreamt of. I had to be okay with very close people to us not being able to attend. I am very grateful that everyone was so understanding.
3. You have to be okay with your guest list constantly changing. - I sent out my save the dates one entire year before our wedding. I wanted people to be prepared but also a lot can change in a year. Some people were all in at the beginning and then ended up not being able to make the trip.
4. Tons of coordinating!! - I honestly feel like a wedding planner can only do so much when it comes to a destination wedding. You and your partner have a lot of coordinating to do to make sure all of your guests have all the information they need. I used a travel agent that helped me book rooms at the resort for our guests and so on. We also jam packed our invitations with information. If you have your ceremony in one place and your reception at another you have to coordinate transportation for all of your guests with someone locally. Same goes for the rehearsal dinner or any other group events planned. It's a lot of work but so worth it.
5. I used local vendors for everything including hair and make up and it was a little nerve wrecking to  meet everyone in person just days before the wedding. Everything turned out great but I did a ton of research on every vendor before booking them. Also, my first couple of days in Cabo were completely booked with vendor appointments to discuss last minute details.
6. Lugging everything to your destination - It's hard to ship off a package full of important things for your wedding so you will end up carrying a lot of things with you on your trip. If you are traveling outside of the country you have make sure everything you're packing for the wedding will easily pass through customs.
7. It's pretty impossible to save a piece of your wedding cake to freeze and eat on your anniversary. We weren't big on this but if it's important to you it's something to think about.

If you're still reading this you're AWESOME and thank you. Please remember I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I will be sharing more wedding planning tips this month so make sure to check back.

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