Work Wear Wednesday

My attempt at taking a detail shot of the pants for you and Reed's attempt of crawling into my shot

Striped Blouson Sleeve Tee - LOFT || Cargo Leggings - LOFT || Boots - Nordstrom|| Similar Handbag in black - Nordstrom || Cluster Earrings - J. Crew

There are two items every girl needs in her closet. One is the perfect little black dress and the other is a killer pair of black pants. Today I am sharing with you the most comfortable and flattering pair of black leggings that are also work appropriate. The cargo details caught my eye but the moment I tried these pants on I was sold. Leggings with pockets... need I say more? My motto when picking out outfits to wear has always been 'cute and comfortable' and these pants meet both of those requirements. These leggings fit right in all the right places and are so slimming making them great for work or play. Available in black and olive they are great for fall. If your work uniform requires black pants, you need these.

Can we talk about the sleeves on this top? The stripes, puff shoulders and wide cuffs are so fun and dress up this tee enough to be work attire appropriate. I can't wait to layer this striped top with a solid cardigan or moto jacket for date night.

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The Working Stay At Home MOM

Being a mom today is a lot different than it was just a generation ago. It seems as though both the struggling economy and women finding a way to build their own brands is increasing the number of what I like to call "working stay at home moms".  It takes a lot of patience and hard work to find a balance between being a mom and a dedicated businesswoman but it seems as though today's times are challenging us to do both at the same time. I say challenging because in all reality it is challenging. The hours are endless and the hustle is real. However, what challenges us makes us better... right? We are now more than ever exposed to so many more opportunities to do what we love on our own schedules and be successful at it. We have thousands of resources and tools literally at our fingertips. For example, if a mom invents a gadget that is making her life as a mom easier she now has the tools to market that invention easily with social media. This has encouraged both men and women to pursue dreams that a decade ago would have seemed impossible to achieve.

Some of us are thrown into this lifestyle because of certain circumstances. In my case, my youngest has medical issues that have had an impact on me being able to work the nine to five job that I am used to. Yes, I have always dreamt of blogging but now I do it to contribute to our household income while I take care of our baby and our toddler and our almost teenager who plays sports and so on. See my point? I know that mothers that work a nine to five job are just as busy and I am in no way downplaying their roles. In looking at the big picture and whether you work from home or not motherhood looks a lot different these days.



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My baby's rare medical condition and what's next

I shared on my very first blog post that my youngest was born with a rare medical condition. At our 20 week ultrasound we found out he had a mass growing near his left arm. After many test we learned he had a lymphatic malformation forming that had to be watched throughout my entire pregnancy. This is not easy to share and I will never share pictures of the malformation to protect his privacy but, sharing this is also therapeutic. I never told many people what was going on when I was pregnant and that was tough. I held it all in because we really didn't know what would happen. Till this day I'm not one to run and share his progress with even my closets friends and family. It takes me some time to process the information the doctors give us, deal with the news in my own way and then find the courage to share. I recently read a blog post of a grieving mother who said that when grief creeps up on her she goes quiet and right in that moment I realized that, that's exactly what I do. I am not in anyway comparing myself to a grieving mother but, that's what I tend to do as well. I get really quiet. My mind kind of shuts off and anxiety takes over me. I don't feel creative and it starts to feel like nothing else really matters. After my initial feelings settle down I try to focus on how I can turn the information I've been given into knowledge. Knowledge that I can use to help my baby and knowledge that I can share with other parents who have to walk this path or one similar to it. So that is my main reason for sharing. I want to help other parents who may feel alone or just overwhelmed. You are not alone.

Reed has been through two rounds of sclerotherapy already. Sclerotherapy is used to try to reduce the size of the cysts that make up the lymphatic malformation. Unfortunately, in Reed's case although the treatments made a difference he will still need debulking surgery. Although I am overwhelmed with the idea of my one year old needing surgery I feel lucky that one day he won't remember it but also that he can get the medical attention he needs. So, I am sorry that I have been M.I.A. a bit on here but I am still learning to deal with the news that we 100% need surgery.

Feel free to share this with any parent who might need someone they can relate to or if you are a parent who is dealing with something similar and have questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I do not claim to know it all but I have done my fair share of research on lymphatic malformations and have experienced two rounds of sclerotherapy as a parent.

My hope in sharing my story is that it helps at least one person. Please remember to be kind to others because you never know what someone might be dealing with in private.