Motherhood Chat Monday: Embarrassing Mom Stories

Happy Monday!!! It's Motherhood Chat Monday time and today I want to lighten the mood and talk about something that will probably make you laugh out loud. I'm going to share with you my most recent embarrassing mom story and I hope you'll share some of yours with me. I'm laughing and cringing as I write this. LOL!

Just a couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Target with Ryder and Reed. I purposely went on a day and time in which I thought Target would not be crowded. Well, I was wrong. It took me a long time to find parking and to get a cart but we finally made our way in and started shopping. Five minutes into that Ryder needed to potty (of course). I set my cart aside and ran to the bathroom hauling both kids. Ryder used the bathroom and I decided I should go too while we were in there. I hurry up, sit on the toilet, look up and Ryder had opened our stall door. There I was, the crazy lady in the stall juggling two kids sitting on a toilet for a crowded Target bathroom to see.  I was mortified. I screamed for Ryder to close the door and that made Reed cry. Let's just say we all walked out of that bathroom in tears. I could laugh at it now but I seriously wanted to crawl into a hole and cry that day. The worst part about it all is that I should know better because I swear Ryan did that to me too! It was so long ago and I don't remember the details but I know it happened. So I guess the good news is that one day I won't remember this happened every single time I step inside a Target.

Tell me you're laughing with me and not at me and that this has happened to you before too? haha

I can't wait to hear all your embarrassing mom stories!

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