Motherhood Chat Monday : How do I stop nursing? HELP!

Motherhood Chat Monday is something that I am starting as of today because Motherhood is hard and we need all the support we can get. I am starting this so that we as moms can have a day dedicated to supporting each other on my blog. I want it to be a place where we can ask for advice together, give advice together, give support together, share funny motherhood stories together and just a place where we can chat and be there for each other. I would also like to ask questions and advice myself because I need all the advice I can get. Let's be real here, I'm three kids in and still feel clueless some days. I would also like for you to send me questions that you would like me to ask on your behalf. You can stay anonymous or I can share who asked the question but the point is to get answers from real moms for real moms. When I was pregnant with Reed and looking for answers as to what we were dealing with I got better advice from moms who had experienced what we were experiencing than I got from our doctors. Those moms who gave me truthful advice really helped me get through some of the toughest days of my life. I want my blog to be a place where you too find the advice you need.

I thought it was appropriate that for my very first Motherhood Chat Monday I ask advice from you. Reed is just about a week shy of 13 months and he is still exclusively breastfed. As I've mentioned before he is the only baby I have been able to nurse. Therefore, I have no clue how to stop. Not only do I not know how to wean him off we have now discovered that he hates milk. I have tried warm milk, cold milk, milk in a bottle, milk in a sippy cup, you name it and I've tried it. He just does not like the taste of milk. We don't see his pediatrician until Thursday for his one year check up (AAAAHHHH! I'm not ready for all those shots) so I don't 100% know what I can substitute whole milk with. I was going to try almond milk but I figured I'll just wait to talk to his pediatrician. He never took my milk from a bottle but has taken formula from a bottle. Do I have to wean him off with formula? I have so many questions!

After we figure out what milk I can give him how do I wean him off? He is very much attached to me and I feel like nursing is a big part of that. He is still waking up to feed at night. For the past three nights he has been up three to four times a night to feed. That might be teething but even on a regular night he is up at least once to feed and, he also nurses to nap. Help me mamas I am so tired! 

I know how lucky I am to have nursed him this long and this is all not just because I am so over it. I do love the bond of it all but I am ready to stop. Just keeping it real. Also and most importantly, my schedule will be changing in the near future and I really will only be able to nurse him in the morning and at night. I've read that he will wean off naturally and all but it's just feeling like that's never going to happen. I know that's crazy but I'm just at that state and need as much advice as possible. 

Thank you once again for stopping by Life By Meli. I really do appreciate you stopping by this little blog of mine. I really hope you will all enjoy these Motherhood Chat Mondays. 

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