Motherhood Chat Monday: Introducing Solid Food To Baby

If you're a new mom, a mom of a baby who will in the near future graduate to eating solid food or just a busy mom with not enough time to meal plan for your baby this Motherhood Chat Monday is for YOU.

My third baby has now moved on to solid food and I can tell you that the third time was just as challenging as the first. I've read a ton of books and have gathered my share of advice from other moms on what to cook for my babies and yet it is still a challenge. As moms we constantly worry about what we feed our children. I find myself worrying about whether or not the ingredients in the food I am feeding my kids are healthy enough or whether or not I am feeding them a well balanced diet. As our babies are introduced to solids it is important to understand that early childhood diets are crucial in a baby's development.

We all have busy schedules and more than often too much going on at once. I have recently discovered Yumi, a baby food delivery service that has been life changing for us. Not only is their baby food delicious it is also nutritious and delivered right to your doorstep weekly. Yumi offers a science based diet with single ingredients as well as blended options. For our first delivery we received a meal plan with single ingredient options and Reed loved them all. Our first batch included jars of Pumpkin, Kidney Beans, Lentil, Sweet Potato, Chickpea and White Bean. Not only does every batch include at least one ingredient that I had yet to introduce to my baby's diet but, he also gets such a variety that it keeps him interested each feeding.

I am a busy mom of three on the go and sometimes I just don't have time to plan out my baby's meals or something happens and I have to feed him something quickly. Yumi is perfect for moms like me. I can serve my baby the Yumi food cold or warm but I always know it's healthy and that is really all that matters to me. Yumi offers their delivery service throughout the state of California and selected areas in Nevada, Arizona and Utah. If you live in these states make sure to check them out at www.helloyumi.com

Thank you to Yumi for allowing me to try your services. All words and thoughts are my own.

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