Pumpkin Patch ... Round 1

Tapia Bros. Farm - Encino, CA

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I don't think my parents ever got the pumpkin patch memo because I don't think we ever went to one when we were growing up. Haha! We weren't super deprived children I just don't think my parents every really went all out for Halloween. How cool would it be if we could scroll back 20+ years on our mom or dad's Instagrams and check out childhood events that we just don't remember? Kids these days will never know the struggle.
Now that I have kids I try to make the pumpkin patch a big deal. I'm not sure if I am over compensating for my Halloween deprived childhood (haha my mom is going to kill me if I just don't remember and we went to a pumpkin patch every year) but, I always make sure we visit a pumpkin patch or four. Seriously!
Tapia Brothers Pumpkin Patch in Encino is one of my favorites because it's small enough to enjoy with really young kids but also has an old school pumpkin patch feel. Not that I would know what an old school pumpkin patch was like. LOL! I've been bringing Ryan to this pumpkin patch since he was in diapers. I love everything about it. It's free to enter the pumpkin patch and once inside you can purchase tickets for the pony rides, bounce house, corn maze and so on. All the pumpkins are fairly priced and there is plenty to choose from. If you are ever in the area you should check them out.
Later this month we are headed to the harvest festival at Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark with our friends for our annual pumpkin patch extravaganza and I just cannot wait. Fall is just such a fun time of the year.
Disclosure: The above pictures will be used as proof that I didn't deprive my children of Halloween. (it's a joke mom don't kill me)

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