Gift Guide: Teenage Girl

I had such a blast creating this gift guide. Since I don't have daughters I had to dig into my inner teenage self and now I want to decorate a locker while wearing sparkly pink shoes! Don't get me started on the mermaid tail blanket because I own one and I am not sorry about it.

The wet hair brushes, Fresh sugar lip treatment and OPI nail polishes are some of my favorite things of all time and I feel like they are teen girl appropriate so I included them in this gift guide. I am aware that I have included the Apple Watch in just about every gift guide but I love mine so much I feel like everyone needs one. LOL! It may be a bit much for some parents. Also, it will not work if your teen doesn't have an iPhone so keep that in mind.

Overall, I hope this gift guide was helpful. Every image below is linked so you can shop everything easily.

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