LOFT always gets me with their sales because they include EVERYTHING in them. New arrivals and some of their brands that rarely go on sale are on sale today at 40% off. Use Code: HOORAY at checkout for the discount plus free shipping!

As you might have seen on my Instagram I just added the jeans and top below to my wardrobe and I am in love with both pieces. The top is perfect for spring and the jeans feel like butter on. I highly highly highly recommend Loft's denim.

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for stopping by Life By Meli. Have a wonderful day!

Each image below is linked so you can easily shop everything:


Amazon Infant & Toddler Must-Haves

I've always loved Amazon but, being a busy mom of three makes me NEED Amazon. I've ordered hundreds of items on Amazon (I am not even going to lie) and some things have just been BLAH and some have saved my sanity. Below I am sharing the most useful infant and toddler things that I've ordered or continue to order on Amazon. If you have additional questions about any of the items please feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to answer any questions.


Active Cups - these are really great for transitioning from bottle to cup, are easy to travel with and are slender enough to fit into bottle pockets in diaper bags.

Bandana Drool Bibs - these bibs were the only ones Reed would let me put on him. They come in a ton of patterns and look so cute on.

Portable High-Chair - can't even begin to tell you how great this chair is! We put this chair on our baby registry with our annual family camping trip in mind but we ended up keeping it in the trunk of my car and used it to feed the baby wherever we went.

Vitamin D - I didn't know that breastfed babies needed a vitamin D supplement until I started breastfeeding Reed. This is when Amazon and their prime 2-day shipping is priceless! Reed never minded the taste of this specific supplement.

Fun Pack Utensils - these are colorful and just the right size for baby's little hands.

Head Shaper - this pillow helps prevent flat head syndrome by equally distributing pressure to all the right places of the head when the baby is laying down.

Walker - This walker is super cute and inexpensive!

Playpen Mattress - First time moms you might not know this but the "mattress" that usually comes in the playpen is pretty hard and you will end up trying to cushion it with blankets and other things that might be dangerous for a sleeping baby. This mattress adds just the right cushioning without being too soft, fits in most playpens perfectly and is plastic making it super easy to clean.
I've linked a fitted sheet that fits this mattress here.


Ride-In Wagon - oh how we love our wagon! My mom gifted Reed this wagon for his birthday but I ordered it for her on Amazon. We take that thing everywhere. I like this specific model the most because it has nice back rests. I just noticed the price dropped on it too. What a deal!

USA Placemat - if you've been following me for a while you've seen the video of Ryder and his "stapes". He loves this thing and has memorized almost all 50 states now at age 3! Now if only I could get him to say STATES.

Puzzle Rack - I thank my lucky stars for this everyday because it keeps our big wooden puzzles in one place neatly stacked. My kids love stacking their puzzles in this thing but won't put their shoes away to save their lives. I don't get it!

Picnic Mat - this is the coolest picnic and beach mat. It's easy to fold, easy to clean and the sand does not get through it. I keep it in the back of my car and we use it all of the time.

Nose Frida - everything about this thing is disgusting LOL! I am sorry but it is. However, it works like magic. No other nose aspirator works as well and is as easy to clean as this little contraption is. I'll let you click on the link and read the product description for more information on it.

Potty Training Book - this is a very easy read and if you follow it closely you will have all the right tips to potty train your child. I was having a very hard time potty training Ryder and this book saved us IN. THREE. DAYS.

Potty Training Watch - I have to be honest with you. I bought this watch for Ryder right after he turned 2 and it was way too soon for him to potty train at that point. The watch just like my endless reminders to use the potty were pointless but, if I had given him the watch when he was 2.5 or 3 it would have really helped with reminders to use the potty before having accidents so I do recommend it if you think your toddler will pay attention to it.

That's all I have for now but check back soon for my Amazon Spring Fashion round-up!



I need to know who designed Target's new collection Opalhouse because I am obsessed. If you love Anthropologie home you are going to love this collection because it's just as good for half of the price. Bohemian, bright colored and so fun. I can't even believe the price of some of their pieces because the quality and intricate details on everything is so good. Check out the details of this throw pillow. I'm also loving their floor pillows like this black and white one pictured below.

Everything is are selling out quickly but they will be re-stocking everything so check back if you like something that just sold out. I just purchased the two large framed Tropical Palm prints pictured below for under $75. These prints and some of my favorite pieces from the Opalhouse Collection are linked below. Aaaaaahhhhh I want it ALL!!
Tropical Prints


Spring Shoes Round-Up

Happy almost Friday! Do you have any fun weekend plans? Besides two baseball games I don't have plans and that's just how I like my weekends lately. Tired mom of three over here.

I'm rounding up my favorite spring shoes for you below. Besides all of these shoes being super cute they are also comfortable and perfect for running around with little ones both dressed up and dressed down. I bought the rose gold Birkenstocks last year and they were worth every penny. Not only do they hold up great but they go with just about everything. Let me know if you would like to see them styled.

Each picture below is linked so that everything is easy to shop. Once you click on the picture it will take you directly to the website where you can shop the item you are interested in. By you clicking on my pictures I receive a small commission (very small) and that  is how I monetize my blog. I get asked about this all of the time so I thought I would clarify that. It does take a lot of work to put these blog posts together so I appreciate you participation. I hope to continue to grow my blog and brand eventually so I really do appreciate you stopping by. Have a wonderful day and happy shopping!


Old Navy 40% Sale

Happy Sunday funday! I hope you've had a nice weekend. I stopped by Old Navy today to check out their sale and try-on some things I've been eyeing. My favorite things from the try-on are linked below. Naturally I found more things I love while I was in the store because Old Navy just has the best basics around. Their tees are my absolute favorite. Check out the sleeveless tee linked below, it's so good on! Their sale ends tomorrow so make sure to check everything out today and apply the promo codes below to get 40% off, free shipping and a free tote.

Use Code STYLE to get 40% off of everything online.
Use Code FREESHIP to get get free shipping of $25+ orders.
Use Code TOTALLY and you'll receive a free tote bag.


Target Shoe & Swim Sale

Target's Buy One Get One 50% off on Shoes, Swim and Dresses sale going on now.





Baseball Mom Must-Haves

Ryan has been playing baseball since he was five years old and I've been wearing the baseball mom title proudly since. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent at all of the fields he's played at but I can share some things that have made being a baseball mom just a bit easier. I've been out at games in the heat, in the cold, very sick, very pregnant and the list goes on. 

Since Spring Ball is in full swing I thought this was the perfect time to share all of the baseball mom goodies that I've found throughout the years. If you have Amazon Prime most of the items pictured below will ship to you for free and arrive within two business days, just in time for your next game on Saturday. 

I've linked everything for you below. Click on the link with the item name and it will take you directly to the product page where you can shop it.

Baseball Mom Hat || Stadium Seat || Baseball Mom Blanket

Baseball LOVE tee || Baseball Mom Popsocket || Baseball Mom Custom Tumbler || Baseball Tote

The Stadium Seat makes any bleacher or bench comfortable and provides really great back support.

How cute is this Baseball Tote  Ryan has always had his own baseball bags but for some reason I always end up carrying ten of his things after each game so I always bring an extra tote with me and this one is perfect.

Baseball Mom Blanket - I love that you can customize this blanket.

BOGO 50% off Dresses for Easter

I've got something to brighten up your Monday! Target is having a BUY ONE GET ONE 50% off DRESSES sale today. Their dresses are so perfect for Spring and Easter.

Honestly, I have the hardest time shopping for dresses so when I have an event I need a dress for I kind of panic. Recently, I had to buy a dress for my grandmother's 80th birthday party and on a whim I decided to try dresses on at  Target. Every dress I tried on I loved and that never happens to me. I ended up buying the dress pictured below. The fit is perfect, it has pockets and I got so many compliments on it. I love that I can dress it up with heels or down with sandals. I think this is going to end up being my Easter dress as well.

If you're still looking for an Easter dress, look no further! I've linked the cutest florals and Spring print dresses below along with some fun solids. You can basically get two dresses for the price of one and Target offers free shipping with orders of $35+. All dresses are on sale so if you're looking for a dress for your little one I've linked the cutest options below.

Happy shopping and thank you for stopping by Life By Meli!





Loft 40% Sale with code: HAPPY

Your new Spring wardrobe:


REME: On Demand In home massage and stretching

I recently attended an event on behalf of Attract Magazine at the REME office in Santa Monica for a preview of what REME App has to offer. The event was appropriately called Request, Restore Repeat - A self-care afternoon with REME. The REME App is the first app of it's kind to offer on demand custom massages and stretch therapy. From the app you can request a 60, 75 or 90 minute massage, a 30 or 60 minute back to back massage for two or, 45 minutes of stretching. Once you have downloaded the app you can request the service you want and in less than an hour an expert will arrive at your door. You can also book your services 48 hours in advance. Every expert is vetted and certified so you can rest assure that you will receive excellent service from a complete professional in the comfort of your home, office or hotel room.

If you have been following me recently you know that I am all about finding the time with my busy schedule for self-care. This event had my name written all over it. I arrived for the event tired, anxiety-ridden and stressed out from a long week of LIFE. I was excited to learn about the REME App, which is focused on self-care through relaxation on demand but, I never imagined I would leave this event so relaxed and happy.

For the self-care afternoon with REME The REME office was set up like a full on spa and every room in the office was filled with a calming scent, massage tables and candles. Every REME expert I met was polite and very attentive. We were offered a preview of REME's services and I was completely comfortable the entire time.

The afternoon began with with an assisted stretching session. During this session I stretched out muscles I didn't know I had and by the end of it he stress tension in my neck and shoulders had disappeared and I felt completely relaxed. I think stretching is my new jam!

We moved on to a preview of Reiki. If you don't know what Reiki is don't feel bad because I literally googled Reiki before attending the event. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist (in this case a REME expert) can channel energy into the patient by means of touch to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotion well-being. Unlike the stretching session this was a lay there and don't do anything but relax session and that is exactly what I did. After stretching my body was relaxed and after the Reiki I felt like my energy and emotional health was restored. In the middle of the session my mind kind of went blank and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace that I am now still basking in. Although Reiki is not a service that is currently offered through the REME App alone, many of the experts incorporate Reiki in their massage therapy so you get the best of both worlds!

The last service we previewed was a massage. The expert who performed my massage was able to pin point the tension in my shoulders and worked his way through five layers of muscles that I didn't even know I had. It was amazing and I can't wait to book my first massage with the REME App.

After previewing REME's amazing services we were treated to cupcakes and Kombucha floats made with Carmela ice cream. Talk about relaxing and indulging.

The REME App is available for download on Apple App Store or Google Play. The app will allow you to check whether or not REME experts travel to your area at this time. I highly recommend this service. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A big thank you to REME for having us at this fabulous event and for the thoughtful parting-gift.


Self-Care Featuring Smile Brilliant

As a busy mom of three finding the time for self-care can be a challenge but I try to remind myself that it is also important in order to have a healthy mind, body and soul. You know that one thing you've always wanted to do for yourself but never got around to doing? For me, teeth whitening is that thing. I've always wanted to try a teeth whitening product but it's always fallen short on my self-care list. Smile Brilliant recently approached me about trying out their products and as excited as I was to finally whiten my teeth I was also nervous about the process. How would I find the time to whiten my teeth for even an hour a day? I've also heard that teeth whitening can be very painful and uncomfortable. Would the pain get in the way of the many things I have to accomplish every day? Again, I had to remind myself that I had to do this because doing something I've always to do for myself was not taking away from anything else I would be doing for anyone else. That's mom guilt at it's finest.

From beginning to end the whitening process with Smile Brilliant was a breeze. I was able to whiten my teeth while doing laundry, while cooking, cleaning, taking care of my kids and even while reading bedtime stories. At times I even forgot I had the whitening strips in my mouth. The Smile Brilliant whitening strips are custom made to fit your mouth which is probably why this whitening product is so efficient and easy to use.

 Whitening before bed works best for me so I start whitening right before my kid's bath time and by the time they are in bed I am done whitening. I never experienced any real tooth sensitivity and it definitely did not stop me from going about my day. I am so happy that I was able to incorporate teeth whitening into things I do with my boys daily because I'm doing something for myself without feeling any guilt.

Smile Brilliant Giveaway
While researching teeth whitening methods in the past I learned that whitening with strips is the only way to remove deep stains in tooth enamel. By day five of whitening with Smile Brilliant I saw a huge difference in my teeth and I also noticed how evenly my teeth were whitening. I first noticed the results after taking a picture and my smile actually stood out. My teeth looked like they did 15 years ago in my pre-coffee drinking days. This was such a confidence booster and I couldn't wait to wear shades of lipstick I hadn't dared tried in years.

I had many questions from the get go but Smile Brilliant answered all of my questions quickly and honestly and made the entire process so incredibly easy. I would highly recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone looking for a safe and easy way to whiten your teeth.


Smile Brilliant's teeth whitening products have worked wonders for me and I am so excited to announce that I have partnered with Smile Brilliant to give my readers a chance to win $149 Smile Brilliant credit. One lucky winner will win the $149 credit but all of my readers are getting a 15% discount code to use towards a Smile Brilliant product. Please use code: lifebymeli15 at checkout. This giveaway is open for one week and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canada residents. You can enter the giveaway by clicking here. You will need to provide your name and e-mail address but your e-mail address will not be shared with a third-party website. It's that easy and you are on your way to a brighter smile!

A big thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post and as always all opinions and words are my own.

Tooth Whitening Gel


Old Navy 40% Sale on EVERYTHING for 2 days only

If you've been following me for some time now then you know that Old Navy is one of my favorite retailers. I love their prices, the quality of their clothes and the way everything fits me. Their new spring stuff is so cute too!

For two days only everything is 40% off online. I've linked my favorite pieces below but will continue to add pieces throughout the day so make sure you check back for updates. If you are reading this from a mobile device, make sure you scroll to the right at the end of each row of pictures below to see all of the clothes I've linked.

Happy Monday and happy shopping!






Old Navy Spring Break Sale

Happy Saturday! I am fully enjoying this rainy Saturday at home with my boys. What are your plans this weekend?
It feels random to think about Spring Break on a rainy day but Old Navy is having a Spring Break Edition Sale today and all of their swimwear for Men & Women is 50% off so I just had to share. The prices are really good and all the different styles are even better.

To go along with their swimwear they have marked down their tanks for women and girls to $2! I've linked my favorite tank below. This particular tank sits a little longer in the back and comes in three great colors for spring. They are going pretty quickly so hurry and stock up while you can.

You can click on each of the images below to shop the item you are interested in. Happy Old Navy Shopping!





Amazon Favorites

Happy FriYAY! TGIF! We made it! I'm so excited for this weekend because we are celebrating my sweet grandmother's 80th birthday and she is in for a bunch of surprises. I can't wait to celebrate with my entire family. It's going to be an absolute blast. What do you have planned this weekend?

Now let's talk Amazon. Honestly, I don't know how I survived life without Amazon Prime. I order EVERYTHING on Amazon and with Amazon Prime it arrives in two days or less.

We use Amazon around here to order stuff for the kids and our home all of the time but recently I've been buying myself more things on Amazon and some of the things I purchased are so good I just had to share them with you. This list of items is pretty random but I can honestly tell you that I use a majority of these things daily.

Vanity Mirror - My favorite part of this vanity mirror is that it is battery operated. I can properly apply my make up anywhere.

Curling Wand - I love this wand! It curls my hair quickly and you can adjust the temperature. I usually set mine to the highest temperature and I can curl my hair in 10 minutes.

Basic Tees - Two for $20 and they come in a variety of color combos.

Ear Crawlers  - These are so fun and for the price they are worth trying out.

Coconut Oil - This is my favorite coconut oil and I've tried a few different brands. I use coconut oil for skin care but mostly I like it because it gently but effectively removes eye make up.

Steamer - This steamer is affordable, small and definitely does the trick. It's a great size for travel too.

Marble Macbook Case & Keyboard Cover - The marble pattern is so in right now. I've had this case for about a month and absolutely love it. It's already survived an accident where I may or may not have dropped my macbook from the kitchen counter. Yikes!

AppleWatch Band - Every time I wear this band people ask me what kind of watch I am wearing, it really dresses up my AppleWatch.

Crew Neck Knit Sweater - I love a good knit sweater. This one is good on the wallet. Make sure you size up one size for an over-sized fit.

Off The Shoulder Sweater - I'm an off the shoulder or off one shoulder kind of girl so this sweater is my jam. This sweater and the Free People Bralette are perfect together.

iPhone 7 Plus Case - This case is an Otterbox Symmetry case so it's cute and you know you're phone is protected.

10 Count Black Chokers - 10 Chokers for this price, can you even go wrong? I've had mine for over a year and they are great.

Rose Water - Smells amazing and is so refreshing. I always spray it in my hair when I use dry shampoo and I also use it as a primer before I apply my make-up.

I'll continue to blog about my Amazon purchases so make sure you subscribe to my blog so you don't miss out on future posts.  I have a bunch of great baby, kid and teen stuff I'll be sharing soon. Thank you for stopping by Life By Meli and have a fabulous weekend!


Shiseido: My Essential Energy Event in Los Angeles

It's not every Wednesday that this mama of three gets to go out to a fabulous event in Hollywood so when Attract Magazine asked me to attend an event for the launch of Shiseido's new line I was all in.

Shiseido hosted a fabulous dinner party in Los Angeles for the launch of their Essential Energy line properly named My Essential Energy. The moment you entered the prestigious estate where this event took place you could smell the refreshing scent of the new products.

Dinner was served outside under the stars during an unusually warm winter night. The top beauty and fashion influencers dined on a Japanese style cuisine. Dinner was followed by a presentation of the Essential Energy line and a party to celebrate the product launch. 

In a beautifully lit up room the products were displayed on white pedestals for sampling. The Essential Energy line consists of a Day Cream, Moisturizing Gel Cream and a Moisturizing Cream. While sampling the products I met Jennifer Jeng (PR for Shiseido) and she explained to me how these new products use ReNeura Technology inspired by neuroscience to re-awaken the skin's sensors therefore making the skin more responsive to your daily skincare regimen. We also discussed the main ingredients of the product, the Ashitaba plant and Citrus Unshiu peel extract. Both are Japanese plant and fruit that have healing and rejuvenating powers and give off a calming scent.

In a room filled with balloons and Instagram worthy lighting there were small viles suspended from the ceiling containing the aroma of the product. This room smelled heavenly and was a big hit at the party.

At the end of the night Shiseido provided each guest with a swag bag filled with Essential Energy products. Thank you Shiseido for the great swag bag and for hosting an unforgettable event.

The even invitation called for a warm chic dress code: Sweater, Pants 

You can shop the Essential Energy line below by clicking directly on each picture.

Pictured from left to right: Day Cream, Moisturizing Gel Cream & Moisturizing Cream

Photography: Sandie Alvarez


Valentine's Day/Birthday Post: 35 things I've learned in my 35 years

Disneyland circa 1986

Happy Valentine's Day! I get to celebrate Valentine's Day & my birthday together every year and it's so much fun.

I've always been one to reflect on life on my birthday. Some years I freaked out because I felt like I wasn't where I needed to be in life at that certain age and some years I was just freaked out about getting older. I swore that I would do something crazy every single day in the last entire month in my 20's. By day 3 I was too tired to go anywhere and do anything crazy after work. Who was I kidding?

Life has a funny way of just passing you by as you get older. It's nice and sometimes necessary to look back and reflect on what life has taught you throughout the years and today I am sharing with you 35 things I've learned in my 35 years of life. Whether you are 15 or 75 some of the things I am sharing may just spark something in you.

Before I share my list I would like to share a little bit of love on this Valentine's Day. I created a donation page where you can donate to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. My baby is a patient of CHLA and although we dread visiting this place it will always hold a special place in my heart. No parent should ever have to visit this place with their sick child but many do and many are in need of financial help. If you can donate even just a dollar it makes a difference. The donations made to this page will go directly to the hospital. I am also working on building a team which will help spread the word about donating to CHLA. If you are interested in helping me please e-mail me and I will get you more information. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Maybe you won't get through all 35 of the things I've learned but if you read even a couple of them YOU'RE AWESOME!

In my 35 years I have learned...

1. My past definitely does not define me.
2. People's opinions are just opinions. I've learned to care a lot less about what people think of me.
3. Everything definitely happens for a reason.
4. I've learned to be open minded but I've also learned to accept those that are not.
5. I've learned to slow down. I really rushed things from the age of about 17 into my early 20's and if only I knew this then I would have saved myself a lot of grief. Things happen when they need to happen. No need to rush.
6. Time heals all and I mean ALL! What feels like total devastation today won't feel that way once time has passed.
7. It's okay to not to have it together at all times. This one is a hard one for me but I'm learning because I can be my biggest critic at times.
8. I've learned to smile more! Sometimes when I'm having a bad day I take a minute and try to smile more and laugh more and it helps. I will even smile at strangers to get that reaction back and it just like that it helps my bad day. Might seem silly but try it out!
9. I've learned that being true to myself about how I am feeling makes me the happiest.
10. Looking back I've learned that it's hard to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life at 18 or 19 so it's okay to try different career paths. It's OKAY! It does not mean you are a failure. Therefore...
11. Don't be afraid to start over! In your career, in your relationships and so on.
12. I've learned to do what I love.
13. I've learned to never ever ever settle.
14. I've learned that if I get up mid-meal I get hiccups and this happens to my mom too! LOL I had to share something not so deep with you.
15. This go back to learning that time heals all but I've also learned that it will always be okay.
16. I am a total worry wart but after having Reed and going through him having medical procedures I have learned what is really worth worrying about and what is not.
17. I've learned to be kind to everyone because you never know what someone could be dealing with privately.
18. I've learned that just about anything can be resolved.
19. I've learned that when something doesn't feel right I need to go with my gut feeling.
20. Prepare for your future. Save the money, make the plans and set the goals.
21. Live in the moment. We often have ten things going on at once but it's very important to stop and live in the moment or life just passes you by.
22. I have learned that I am a control freak and I don't like it but that is who I am.
23. I've learned that I am afraid to fly because I am a control freak and can't just get off the plane when I want. Crazy...I know!
24. I've learned that I have always been a shy person and I might always be and that's okay.
25. I've learned that I was born to be a mom and there is nothing that I love more.
26. I've learned that with age you appreciate family more and more.
27. I've learned that loyalty is everything to me.
28. I've learned that it's important to know how and when to apologize when I am wrong.
29. I've learned that I will always put my family's needs before mine but it's also important to take care of myself.
30. I've learned that my kids will only be as happy as I am.
31. I've learned that not everything deserves a reaction.
32. I've learned that there is no such thing as asking a dumb question.
33. I've learned that I really know how to read people's character and I should always trust that.
34. I've learned to stand up for myself...finally! I wish I knew how to do this ages ago.
35. Last but most definitely not least, I've learned and I am still learning how to love myself. Self love is so important!

There you have it. If you need me I'll be over here eating birthday cake all day long! Happy Valentine's Day friends!


Old Navy 30% Sale

Old Navy has become one of my favorite retailers lately. As I am sure you can tell. They are having a 30% sale online with code: HURRY. Today is also the last day to user your Old Navy cash.

If you're shopping for spring they have the prettiest florals and cutes graphic tees. I've linked some of my favorites below. Happy Shopping!


Target: Universal Thread

Happy Wednesday! I finally made it to Target yesterday to check out their new Universal Thread line and I was pleasantly surprised. I would describe Universal Thread as comfort meets style with a Madewell vibe going on to it.

Universal Thread  is supposed to be a collection of women's clothing and accessories that has a little bit of something for everyone universally and I really love that. I found a ton of wardrobe basics at affordable prices.

Maybe I am biased because handbags are my jam but I literally want every one of their bags. Love love love! I linked my favorites first but there are plenty to choose from.

You can click on the images to shop each piece and don't forget to keep clicking to the right to see everything I linked!




I didn't like these shoes online but loved them in person