Valentine's Day/Birthday Post: 35 things I've learned in my 35 years

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Happy Valentine's Day! I get to celebrate Valentine's Day & my birthday together every year and it's so much fun.

I've always been one to reflect on life on my birthday. Some years I freaked out because I felt like I wasn't where I needed to be in life at that certain age and some years I was just freaked out about getting older. I swore that I would do something crazy every single day in the last entire month in my 20's. By day 3 I was too tired to go anywhere and do anything crazy after work. Who was I kidding?

Life has a funny way of just passing you by as you get older. It's nice and sometimes necessary to look back and reflect on what life has taught you throughout the years and today I am sharing with you 35 things I've learned in my 35 years of life. Whether you are 15 or 75 some of the things I am sharing may just spark something in you.

Before I share my list I would like to share a little bit of love on this Valentine's Day. I created a donation page where you can donate to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. My baby is a patient of CHLA and although we dread visiting this place it will always hold a special place in my heart. No parent should ever have to visit this place with their sick child but many do and many are in need of financial help. If you can donate even just a dollar it makes a difference. The donations made to this page will go directly to the hospital. I am also working on building a team which will help spread the word about donating to CHLA. If you are interested in helping me please e-mail me and I will get you more information. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Maybe you won't get through all 35 of the things I've learned but if you read even a couple of them YOU'RE AWESOME!

In my 35 years I have learned...

1. My past definitely does not define me.
2. People's opinions are just opinions. I've learned to care a lot less about what people think of me.
3. Everything definitely happens for a reason.
4. I've learned to be open minded but I've also learned to accept those that are not.
5. I've learned to slow down. I really rushed things from the age of about 17 into my early 20's and if only I knew this then I would have saved myself a lot of grief. Things happen when they need to happen. No need to rush.
6. Time heals all and I mean ALL! What feels like total devastation today won't feel that way once time has passed.
7. It's okay to not to have it together at all times. This one is a hard one for me but I'm learning because I can be my biggest critic at times.
8. I've learned to smile more! Sometimes when I'm having a bad day I take a minute and try to smile more and laugh more and it helps. I will even smile at strangers to get that reaction back and it just like that it helps my bad day. Might seem silly but try it out!
9. I've learned that being true to myself about how I am feeling makes me the happiest.
10. Looking back I've learned that it's hard to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life at 18 or 19 so it's okay to try different career paths. It's OKAY! It does not mean you are a failure. Therefore...
11. Don't be afraid to start over! In your career, in your relationships and so on.
12. I've learned to do what I love.
13. I've learned to never ever ever settle.
14. I've learned that if I get up mid-meal I get hiccups and this happens to my mom too! LOL I had to share something not so deep with you.
15. This go back to learning that time heals all but I've also learned that it will always be okay.
16. I am a total worry wart but after having Reed and going through him having medical procedures I have learned what is really worth worrying about and what is not.
17. I've learned to be kind to everyone because you never know what someone could be dealing with privately.
18. I've learned that just about anything can be resolved.
19. I've learned that when something doesn't feel right I need to go with my gut feeling.
20. Prepare for your future. Save the money, make the plans and set the goals.
21. Live in the moment. We often have ten things going on at once but it's very important to stop and live in the moment or life just passes you by.
22. I have learned that I am a control freak and I don't like it but that is who I am.
23. I've learned that I am afraid to fly because I am a control freak and can't just get off the plane when I want. Crazy...I know!
24. I've learned that I have always been a shy person and I might always be and that's okay.
25. I've learned that I was born to be a mom and there is nothing that I love more.
26. I've learned that with age you appreciate family more and more.
27. I've learned that loyalty is everything to me.
28. I've learned that it's important to know how and when to apologize when I am wrong.
29. I've learned that I will always put my family's needs before mine but it's also important to take care of myself.
30. I've learned that my kids will only be as happy as I am.
31. I've learned that not everything deserves a reaction.
32. I've learned that there is no such thing as asking a dumb question.
33. I've learned that I really know how to read people's character and I should always trust that.
34. I've learned to stand up for myself...finally! I wish I knew how to do this ages ago.
35. Last but most definitely not least, I've learned and I am still learning how to love myself. Self love is so important!

There you have it. If you need me I'll be over here eating birthday cake all day long! Happy Valentine's Day friends!

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