Pool House Mini Styling Session - Before and After Pictures

Pool house: Before Picture
About a year ago now my husband sent me pictures of this space that is part of a community that he manages. He wanted my opinion on the window treatments he had just had installed in the pool house. I gave him my honest opinion about the window treatments but never stopped thinking about that big empty space with so much potential. The community surrounding the pool house is really beautiful and the views from the pool area are breathtaking. I thought endlessly about how I could bring that feel into the pool house.

Fast forward to last month and the H.O.A. asked that I revamp a corner of the pool house as an effort to slowly remodel the entire space. I had been thinking about this space for an entire year guys! It's funny how things work out.

I began working on the design concept for this space by creating a mood board (pictured below). That is usually the first step in my design process in an effort to visualize the space and clearly communicate my design with a client.

The walls of the pool house are yellow and ALL the existing furniture is brown. Brown leather, brown wicker, brown faux plants. You name it and it's brown...and yellow. I had to keep some of the existing furniture so my goal was to modernize the space and bring in lighter colors to soften all the brown in the room.

Presentation Board

The first thing I sourced was the blue indoor/outdoor rug with a casual feel. The rug is really beautiful   in person and great for a pool house setting.  Initially I wanted to add a plain sisal rug but I didn't want to add another tone of brown to the room so I went for blue. I love the texture that this area rug adds to this space. I've linked similar rugs below.

Although I had to keep the existing chairs I was able budget for a new end table, table lamp, throw pillows for the chairs, a 6 foot faux fiddle leaf tree and basket for the tree. My budget wasn't large and I had a lot of things I had to make work together but I'm pretty happy with the end result.

If you have a space you're not happy with I hope my before and after pictures inspire you to make even the smallest changes because those small changes can go a really long way. I hope to be able to finish this room and share the process with you.

I've linked similar accessories below that you can shop directly by clicking on each picture. If you have any questions please feel free to always reach out to me!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy shopping!

Pool House: Seating area with new accessories






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